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I've listed information about each entry below. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask. If you want to see pictures of the inside, I'll do my best to provide you good images. If you see anything that says [dunno] or something similar, it simply means I didn't take the time to translate out the title and/or mangaka. GOMEN! If you want to help me out by doing it.. awesome! I'm just trying to get as many of these books listed up here as I can so that I can get my car back in working order asap. Sorry for being so incomplete.. orz.

If you're interested in something, just pm me and give me your postal code/info on where you live. I will quote shipping costs back to you. If you live in the US, please list whether you prefer Priority Mail or Media Mail. I can quote you prices for both.

I prefer Paypal, but I will accept check, money order, hidden cash. If you pay via Paypal, I will include the fees based on this site. As of June 3, 2009, Paypal charges for all goods purchases made. So now everyone has to pay the fee.. it really bites my ass. :(

I *am* willing to haggle a little on the prices.. though I prefer to do the haggling in private. I'm more willing to haggle with people who buy multiple items. *winkhint* So please don't be afraid to PM or email me and say 'hey, I want X, Y, Z. Would you be willing to sell them to me for $A, $B, $C? If it's a reasonable offer, I'll most likely say yes. ^_^

EDIT: Rather than making a whole new section for this stuff.. I'm just going to put a link here. If you see ANYTHING on GokuMew's LJ that you would like to buy, you can contact her or me directly. She has since moved, but I have all of her items and I can pack them and send them with anything from my journal, or if you only have interest in things from her journal, that is fine too.

I think that's about it! Now onto the good stuff!


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Color Editing

So yeah.. my all color editor for the group is away teaching english to a bunch of kids in another country.. and even when she was here.. she was having a hard time trying to figure this out as well.. and recently, a bunch of books that I've scanned, have this kinda of cover:

You see the little shiny sparkly stuff? It kinda distorts the image and makes it look like a bad scan or something. I'm curious if anyone has ever found a way to get rid of that... I asked around to my artist friends and they fooled with stuff.. but no one really has mad photoshop skills.. so I come to you, my dear friends on LJ and ask.. do you know of a way to rid myself of this.. or will my release just hafta include this weirdness?

Oh.. and does anyone have any ideas for scanning reflective covers? I have three covers that are reflective.. and I'm having one hell of a time with them also. *grumble*

Thanks everyone!!

Best Birthday Present EVAR~!

So for my birthday.. back in April.. one of my near and dear friends.. made me my own "more information than you ever needed to know about Lynn and her sex life" doujinshi.. or something. LOL! She bought this tenipuri doujinshi.. of which, she knew none of the characters, only that I liked tenipuri.. whited out all the bubbles and some of the sfx.. and scripted her own. Low and behold.. the following masterpiece was born. *giggle* 

Now, some of you might say "my god! to ruin a doujinshi like that!" and had it been a pairing that I loved.. or kuroshitsuji or something.. I might've strangled her.. good intentions and all.. but since Tezuka x Ryoma isn't something that I love.. and she did sucha great job with the script.. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically through the whole thing. You probably will too. The 20 or so people that read this bad boy at FanimeCon died laughing within the first few pages.. and were almost crying from hysterics by the end. It was good food for the distraught soul. About the only issue I had with scanning and posting it.. is that it was originally in bright red.. so it's been grayscaled.. sorry if the leveling is funky because of it.. I wasn't trying to make a scanlation.. just trying to share the hilariousness that was my birthday present. :3

That being said.. since so many people reacted so positively to it.. I thought.. hell.. perhaps I *should* start a group that strictly does parodies.. I'd at least note that it's a parody.. and I'd try and only do it for stuff that UTM or other groups have already scanlated.. so you can still get the original words.. without feeling we led you astray.. but I seriously wonder.. how many people would actually wanna read that kinda thing? I know a LOT of people who are excellent writers.. like jadeprince  and dustyjack .. but would there really be people out there who would download and enjoy something like that?

Who's to say? But if you post here and tell me 'HELL NO! DON'T DO IT!!' or perhaps "HELL YES!! MOAR MOAR MOOOAAARRR~!' It might give me some insight on whether this is a fun idea or not. ^_^

Anyhow.. let's get to it..

Prince of Tennis Parody - Lynn's Birthday 2009

Who said getting a tattoo hurts?

Bwahahaha.. oh yeah.. wait.. it DOES hurt. :P

Anyways.. here's some more tattoo goodness for you all. We have just under 10hrs into it now.. and while I don't mind all the money I'm putting into it.. I find it really annoying that it's gonna cost about double what I had originally intended on spending. I already have over $1000 into it.. and we haven't even started the arms, stomach or butt parts.

I'm totally gonna smoke a big fat blunt before the next session.. hopefully he'll have that needle set he was talking about for doing the fill.. I wanna get as much done before FAnime.. so I can show off my hawt sexiness. :P

Well.. here's the good stuff~!

Lemme know yr thoughts, ideas, opinions..


More Fye D. Flourite Goodness

So we put in another 3.5hrs today. This includes the freehand drawing and the inking.. so while it may not look like much.. a lot of work was put into it. We're probably gonna finish up with the lining before we start the filling.. but Dave is gonna start getting the supplies together so he can do a 40pt shovel fill.. instead of using the 7pt shovel to fill.

Tattoo PicturesCollapse )It's looking soooo good.. I found another image.. from the manga.. when he gives it up.. and this revealed that there's also gonna be some parts on my stomach. My god.. what were they thinking when they gave that hot guy, such a complicated and huge tattoo?? LOL!

The Day Has Arrived!

That's right folks!! It's finally the day.. the day I've been waiting for.. the day.. I've been.. dreading.. hehe.

So we're gonna try to set up my computer to record the entire 4hrs or so of the outline.. and Edward_K said he would edit it (in case my boobs end up showing) and speed it up from 4hrs, to like.. 4mins. So you can watch in fast motion.. and if worse comes to worst, we'll be taking progress photos along the way. I'll post them up here in this thread.

I'll have Dave take a picture of my bare back.. so we can really get this from the start.. to the end. Today is JUST the outline. Unless he gets all ahead of himself and goes gung-ho.. lol!

I plan to be crying, bawling, moaning and making sounds similar to masochistic sex.. FEAR ME! And fear my love for Fye D. Flourite. :D

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Goodbye Grandma

Last Tuesday, at the ripe age of 87, my grandmother passed away. She was more like a mother to me than anything. Next to my Uncle Bill, I was close to no one else. She was my rock.. she was always there to rescue me and lend a hand when I needed it. She may have scolded me or questioned my thinking.. but she always stood by me.

In Loving Memory, E. Jeane Irvin, August 2, 1921 - February 3, 2008Collapse )

My Present to Myself

So.. for the past 2 years.. I've been thinking about getting another tattoo. What brought it on you ask? Well.. I started watching Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles.. and when I saw Fye's tattoo.. I wanted it. Period. I've always wanted a full back tattoo.. I never knew if I'd be able to handle the pain of it.. I mean.. full back tattoos are hours upon hours of pain being drilled into your body.. and if I turned around and went to get it the very first time I saw it.. I might regret it later. I also used the excuse that I didn't know anyone...

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So it would seem that my faith in conventions has been renewed! Thanks to Yaoi-Con, I'm feeling quite refreshed and excited about conventions again! After attending the most horrible convention of my life (AX2008) I was quite skeptical about going to another con.. but all of my true friends rallied together (I'm sure they don't realize the impact they have on me) and made this con the best one ever!

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Thanks to everyone.. even if I didn't name you above.. you all made my heart smile again.. and it's been just so long since I could put an honest smile on my face. sihaya_chan I hope you remember my face next time.. otherwise, I might just pull you into a kiss you'll never forget! :P

And that's all folks...

I'm just so done. There's no other way to put it. DONE is almost a foreign word to me.. but it still fits here.